An Artificial Revolution — Ivana Bartoletti

Cover of An Artificial Revolution

“We must be careful that we don’t rush towards a future that instead of unleashing the potential of technology will see our rights curbed by it.”

I’m so proud to see Ivana’s name on the cover of a book, and — my inherently biased perspective as a friend aside — it’s a brilliant one: engaging, compelling and incredibly accessible (for the likes of those completely inexpert in all things AI, like me).

From the point of view of someone who believes in the potential of technology, Ivana invites us to pause and ask: what is it we want AI to do? And who is it here to serve?

As things stand, we are unable to answer those questions. This is an inherently dangerous situation, as it is in that vacuum big tech companies are operating – largely – unchecked. Behind AI lies enormous power and that power currently operates with almost no accountability.

The answer doesn’t just lie in making sure people working in the tech industry (and creating algorithms) are representative of society as a whole, but in political discussion that enables us to comprehend the power and implications of AI, and political structures and mechanisms through which we can hold it to account.

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