Big Sky — Kate Atkinson

When in doubt, turn to Kate Atkinson. After the absolute flop that was my previous read, I needed something that I knew I’d enjoy and this book is one I’d been saving for a while.

If you haven’t read Atkinson’s Jackson Brodie detective novels — of which Big Sky is the most recent — I can’t recommend them enough. Crime isn’t really my thing but they are brilliant, engrossing and very funny reads.

As the series goes on, I enjoy how Jackson is increasingly overtaken by events as he gets older. The real heroes of this book are the women, who do most of the work in solving the crimes committed by men involved in the sex trade.

Yes, the ending is a bit too neat (lots of bad men get their comeuppance in a way that is achingly untrue to life). But I don’t read a Jackson Brodie for an accurate rendition of the criminal justice system, and I think Atkinson does a classy job telling the story of women society conveniently chooses not to care about.

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