Emergency — Daisy Hildyard

This is a lovely, gently wending book about growing up in a rural community in the 1990s. Narrated from the perspective of the writer as an adult in lockdown, it’s also about the climate emergency and destruction of our natural world as she contemplates the changes that are happening.

Remarkably, it’s not depressing or even downbeat. As someone who also grew up in a rural community in the 1990s, there was a lot that resonated with me and felt very nostalgic. Particularly the amount of time the author spent on her own in nature (in my instance, building dens on the farm). And cows. The absolute love of cows.

I think what makes the book uplifting is how meditative a quality at has: the narrator is the observer of the natural world, and spends a lot of time just watching and being curious. She has her part in this world, and sees how humans are harming it, but also sees that it is bigger than all of us.

7/10. Recommend if you’re happy without a plot and love nature.

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