I Want to Be Where the Normal People Are — Rachel Bloom

A must-read for fans of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (if you haven’t seen it, a) the title is ironic, people, and b) it’s brilliant).

The charm of Bloom’s memoir is also what makes the show great: unflinching honesty (above all about mental health), accountability and — of course — self-deprecating humour. She takes us on her emotional and professional journey from her quest to be ‘normal’ in middle school through to the present day (in her early thirties) where she is comfortable with who she is.

Anyone who’s watched her show will find the blend of prose, poetry, snippets from her pre-teen diaries and even a mini musical (complete with accompanying soundtrack that you can listen along to from her website) comfortingly familiar. It’s just seeing her amazing, scatty, creative brain on the page, rather than the screen.

Bloom’s liberal feminism isn’t mine and there were a couple of points that really grated on me. But, you know: it’s a great book, she’s incredibly talented and just because we have different views on say porn, doesn’t mean I’m going to renounce everything she’s ever produced. Plus, we’d agree on most things anyway.

So if you haven’t watched CXG, you should — then read this if you want something fun and entertaining on the deeply personal. And if you are a CXG fan (especially if you cried at the live recording bonus special at the end of the final season), read it and enjoy.

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