Madness is Better Than Defeat — Ned Beauman

My first Ned Beauman. I wanted a funny book and this was one of my partner’s recommendations. It didn’t disappoint.

It’s about two rival expeditions that set off for Honduras in 1938 in search of a Mayan temple. What follows is a bit of everything: love, murder, family feud, mystery, spying, conspiracy — you name it. Beauman’s success is that even though you quickly realise that this is a book in which anything can happen, the improbable, fantastical plot lines are gripping and fun.

It’s really an ideal holiday book. There are so many layers, twists and turns that you get the most out of it when you can sit down and read it for a long stint. I only got really got stuck in at about 70 pages, at which point you see how all its key elements are set up and can pretty much sit back and enjoy the ride.

So, if, like me, you need some escapist reads for 2021, I recommend this. On which note, I now could really do with some more funny book recommendations.

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