No One Is Talking About This — Patricia Lockwood

I started out hating this and almost giving up. But I was rattling through it and the odd thing made me laugh, so I thought I’d carry on. Though I stand by my initial reservations, I’m glad I persisted.

Set in the US towards the start of the Trump presidency, the book is split into two parts. In part one, in fragments of prose, the thirty-something protagonist charts the highs and lows of living through the internet, having seemingly made a living of through a viral tweet. I thought it was all a bit much and written only for (or intelligible to) writers who spend most of their time online.

Fortunately, the second half massively redeems the first. A terrible event rocks the narrator’s world, bringing her back into reality. Among other things, she is confronted with the human impact of the politics of the time. It is beautiful, gut-wrenching and made me cry.

Overall, I think it’s worth reading. However, for me, Ducks, Newburyport (one of my very favourite books) does a much better job of exploring political and social anxiety in the Trump era. And is a fantastic example of experimental form. On which note, I’ve decided I’m going to have a go at rating things. Verdict: 6/10

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