The Distance Between Us — Maggie O’Farrell

The joy of Maggie O’Farrell. Her books are captivating, the plots always so beautifully woven.

This is firmly in the category of books I semi-regret not being able to put down. Going from Hong Kong to Scotland, it’s about a woman trying to escape her past and a man trying to find his.

I always want to describe O’Farrell’s writing as brilliant easy reading, which it absolutely is. But that also undersells it somehow — I think because is my mind ‘easy’ conjures up something a bit vanilla. Of course, easy reading can be trashy escapism, but it can also be fantastic; something so masterfully and accessibly put together that anyone would enjoy it. This is how I feel about O’Farrell’s writing. I only discovered her a few years ago, and am delighted that there’s still a decent chunk of her books out there that I’ve yet to read.

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