The Glass Hotel — Emily St John Mandel

I loved this — it’s a fantastically compelling read that will surely be in my top nine books of the year.

Like the glass hotel in the book, the plot is beautifully constructed. It goes back and forth in time following a group of people who become victims of a Ponzi scheme that collapses in the 2008 crash. Mandel’s gift is being able to conjure up this world, slowly giving it form until you see the finished whole at the end.

What makes that so engaging is the empathy with which Mandel treats all the characters — even the fraudster we have some sympathy for. It’s such a great study of human deception: both a willingness to deceive others and be deceived.

If you haven’t read it yet, I’d add it to your summer reading list. And I’m looking forward to reading some more Mandel (definitely also recommend The Lola Quartet and Station Eleven, if you can bear a book about a global pandemic…).

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